German Artist | Deutscher Künstler

Oliver Borner was born 1986 in Dresden, Germany. 1993 he attended the private painting school from Christian Neuber, a well-known artist of the DDR, and stayed there for 11 years. There at the age of 7 he started to paint with oil color. In high school he was in the advanced art course of Alrun Krauß. Borner then applied for studying fine arts at the local university HfBK Dresden and was accepted without a graduation. He studied fine arts for 6 years. Here he met the lecturer, artist and public figure Holger John, one of Jörg Immendorffs assistants and the former art director of the famous german music group Rammstein. Borner worked from then on 7 years as an assistant of Holger John. in 2012 Borner became a member of the Dresden based art group Kessler Schwarz. 2014 he left the group and started his own fashion label called Bornutti. Borner has 3 kids and is working as an artist in painting, graphics, film, music, photography, fashion and design. He was featured multiple times in the local press and had 6 solo exhibitions and several group shows. His traditional way of painting and the combination with modern techniques are making his style a kind of its own. Borners artwork can be found in different private collections. His projects can be seen worldwide and on online curated platforms.


Exhibitions / Ausstellungen

Borner on Fire, solo exhibiton, Kunztraum Dresden
Kunsttage, Groupshow, Sektor Dresden

Heaven 67, Offspace Streustraße, Gallery Weekend Berlin, Berlin
Intershop, Gallery Holger John, Dresden

Home Sweet Home, Goetheallee Offspace, Dresden
Frei im Raum, Friese e.V., Kirschau
Oliver Borner / Sebastian Lukaß – Malerei, Gallery Budisyn, Bautzen
Step Back Show, Altkötzschenbroda, Radebeul

Borner Lukaß, Gallery Holger John, Dresden
Künstler im Selbstbildnis, Ostsächsische Kunsthalle, Pulsnitz
Total Sellout, Store
Salon Hansa, Galerie Holger John

eins*, Dresdner Porzellan
Festmahl der Kunst – Holger John, Palais im Großen Garten Dresden
Verbotene Kunst 2, Goldener Pfeil, Dresden

Mon General, Art Bosphorus, Istanbul (Turkey)
Apokalypse, Galerie F14, Dresden
FSK 18, Drewaggelände Dresden
Defluxion, Dresden

Art residency in Montreal, Quebec Canada

In the Womb, Galerie Forum K, Plauen (Borner & Wagner)
Salon Zaza, Dresden

Frühjahrssalon, Galerie Zanderkasten, Dresden

Ultimatum, Galerie Alte Feuerwache, Dresden